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President: Gretchen Racek

Vice President: Nancy Csaplar

Recording Secretary: Maria Batten

Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Powers

Treasurer: Julie Doe


Standing Committees

Civic Beautification: Anne Fantozzi and Cynthia Kohn

Community Service: Lisa Craig

Conservation/Horticultural/Newsletter: LuAnn Ohanian

Custodian-Historian: Marti Hood

Membership: Lori Walsh-Chair, Maria Batten, Liz Sayre

Nominating: Margaret Wade-Chair, Mary Price, Carolyn Vernaglia

Program: Donna DePriest and Char Peterman

Annual Meeting/Luncheon: Ann Mikula and Christy Regan

Book: Lori Walsh

Holiday Luncheon: Anne Fantozzi and Ann Mikula

Publicity: Phyllis Gleason

Ways and Means: Gayle O'Grady and Peggy Otis

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